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gar caught bowfishing in crystal river
black drum caught bowfishing in crystal river

Florida Bowfishing Adventures invites you to explore the beautiful Nature Coast of Florida out of Crystal River. Come see Florida exactly how it is meant to be seen.

Fish Aboard Our Customized 24′ Flats Boat

Join an experienced fishing guide, Capt. Justin Dymond, and travel to places where other boats can’t go!

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Florida Bowfishing Adventures features a 24 foot Uncle J Custom Boats tunnel hull bowfishing boat—the largest of its kind in the state. With its unique design, you can be sure that your bowfishing charter will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Our boat features 2 types of motors, a 250hp Suzuki outboard motor on a Porta Bracket and a 40hp ProDrive kicker motor. The larger motor is equipped with a Bob’s Machine low water pick-up, Shaw Wing cavitation plate, and a heavy cup four bladed propeller, which allows the boat to get on a plane and elevate extremely high out of the water to run through shallow waterways. The 40hp ProDrive kicker motor is used for navigating through mud, rocks, sand, and oyster bars at low speeds while being controlled from the front of the boat.

Our boat also comes equipped with a 10 foot Power Pole blade anchor, providing quick and easy remote anchoring capabilities for the convenience of our clients during their bowfishing charter.

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The front deck of our boat is 11 x 9 feet, making it spacious enough to accommodate up to 6 bowfishing clients comfortably. 

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We also have a giant 600 quart cooler/fish box, two smaller storage boxes for keeping drinks/snacks cold and dry storage for extra clothes or belongings, and two 9-foot bench seats with backrests for a comfortable ride or nap if you get worn out from shooting.

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Our boat is equipped with 20 top of the line 5-Star LED S200 2200 K lights—making it the brightest boat in Florida. This feature allows our clients to spot fish up to 100 feet away in ideal conditions.

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The inside of the boat is fully lit with LED courtesy lights, powered by a super-quiet Cummins generator.

We also have Fusion speakers with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing our clients to play their favorite music from their smart phones while enjoying the bowfishing experience.

The sides (gunnels) of our boat are 30″ tall, making it safe and dry for bowfishing even in rough waters.

We also have a 6-foot tall tower that allows us to spot fish during daytime charters.

Florida Bowfishing Adventures’ custom 24′ Uncle J tunnel hull bowfishing boat is the largest and most advanced in Florida. It’s designed to provide the ultimate bowfishing experience, featuring state-of-the-art lighting, comfortable seating, and plenty of storage space.

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Book your charter today and experience the thrill of bowfishing like never before!

Top-of-the-Line Fishing Equipment & Gear

Our fishing equipment includes 20 top of the line 5-Star LED S200 2200 K lights for nighttime bowfishing trips and AMS Hooligan Bowfishing gear. Our bows are customizable to any client to accommodate right or left-handed shooters and can be adjusted to clients’ comfortable draw weight.

We supply all necessary fishing equipment, lights, gear, ice, and Florida fishing license.

Visit our FAQ page for more information on what to bring on trips.

Adventures starting at $350

From inshore fishing trips to nighttime bowfishing adventures and gator hunts we’ve got you covered!

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