Florida Alligator Hunting
with Capt. Justin Dymond

Florida Alligator Hunting Guide

A picture of Florida Gator Hunts
A picture of Florida Gator Hunts

The statewide harvest of American Alligators in Florida runs from August 15th through November 1st and is a highly anticipated event. Florida gator hunts are conducted on public waters and all of Florida Bowfishing Adventures’ gators are hunted in some of the most remote places that “Old Florida” has to offer. We only hunt true wild American alligators – no farm-raised or fenced-in hunting!

Gator Hunt Rates and Trophy Fees

Priority hunts:

$700.00 guide fee per 12 hour hunting day plus trophy fee depending on size of gator. Includes all equipment, tags and licenses. After hunt, harvests will be sent to processors, taxidermists, and handled to be sent to client. If you are looking to harvest a 10’+ gator, it is recommended to have multiple nights available.

Trophy fees in addition to guide fee:

5’ to 5’11’’ – $800.00
6’ to 6’11’’ – $1,300.00
7’ to 7’11’’ – $1,500.00
8’ to 8’11’’ – $1,800.00
9’ to 10’11’’ – $2,800.00
11’ to 12’6’’ – $4,200.00
12’7’’ and up – $5,000.00

Above prices include: the alligator tag (if not already obtained), the harvest of the alligator, and all equipment needed to tag out. Price does not include processing fees for your alligator meat, hide or head.

Florida – The Gator Hunting Capital of the World!

Florida is the gator hunting capital of the world and it stands to reason! With approximately 1.25 million alligators calling Florida home and growing to enormous size – Florida has certainly earned its place as being one of two states with the largest gator populations in the U.S.!

Florida gator hunting provides a number of options for your adventure. Alligators can be hunted both day or night and with weapons of your choice. Weapons choices include:

  • Crossbows
  • Bows
  • Fishing rods
  • Snatch hooks
  • Harpoons

Alligators can live to be over 60 years old, and they have seen every trick in the book, which can make these precarious predators a particular challenge to hunt. No matter which weapon you choose to conduct your hunt, it will be an extremely thrilling and adventurous experience!

Gator Hunting with Florida Bowfishing Adventures

On a gator hunt with Florida Bowfishing Adventures, clients will be hunting the natural waterways of Old Florida for true wild American alligators, not fenced lakes stocked with farm-raised gators.

At night, using spotlights you will scan the waters for the orange glowing eyes that give away the alligator’s location. Once located, you’ll cast out a fishing rod with a large hook to snag the gator to get it close to the boat so you can secure a harpoon line in the gator.

During the daytime hunts, you’ll try to get in range to use a crossbow, bow or cast a fishing line. Other methods to hone in on gators are following bubble trails or baited lines.

Once you have hooked a gator, the excitement really begins! The battle can take upwards of 2-3 hours of rod bending, tail lashing, boat biting insanity – basically an adrenaline junkie’s dream!

The final step is the harvest, where the client uses a “Bang Stick” to strike the back of the gator’s head. Captain Justin prefers this method for the hunt as he believes that “rifle hunts take away from the true hunting and harvesting experience.”

Safe and Inclusive Gator Hunts for all Skill Levels & Ages

Safety is our top priority at Florida Bowfishing Adventures and we want to make sure everyone on our gator hunts has an enjoyable experience. Before we set out, Capt. Justin will go over all equipment and procedures with your group, so you will feel comfortable and confident during the hunt.

Our gator hunting trips are appropriate for everyone looking to have a memorable hunt, regardless of age or experience level. So, whether it’s your first hunt or you want to introduce your friends or family to the gator hunting experience – Capt. Justin will make sure that everyone has a great experience and is safe!

Obtaining Your Alligator Trapping Agency License

We offer guided alligator hunting trips for clients who were awarded a Florida gator harvest permit for the current season and limited availability for those who do not already have a gator harvest permit. Gator hunts for clients who already have a harvest permit will be conducted only in the areas allowed in their harvest unit description. You must supply your own CITES tags if you are a permit holder.

If you do not have a FL gator harvest permit for the current season, additional harvest permits may be available. Permits have limited availability due to Florida’s lottery system for awarding gator harvest permits.

 If you are awarded a gator harvest permit for the current season, the alligator trapping agent license is included with your permit. All clients who wish to participate in the hunt but do not hold a current alligator harvest permit must purchase an alligator trapping agent license.

Click below for more info about applying for alligator harvest permits and to purchase your trapping license online.

What to Bring on Your Alligator Hunt

  • CITES tag (if you are a tag holder)
  • Alligator Trapping Agent License
  • Lightweight black or camouflage long sleeve shirt and pants
  • Overnight bag with spare clothing and hygiene products
  • Any required medical supplies (epi pen, meds, etc) because we will be hunting in remote areas.
Binoculars for daytime hunts
We provide all harvesting equipment, boat, tags (if you are not a tag holder), transport of gator to the processor, two guides/PHs (professional hunters). 

Adventures starting at $350

From inshore fishing trips to nighttime bowfishing adventures and gator hunts we’ve got you covered!

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