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Florida is the gator hunting capital of the world, with approximately 1.25 million alligators calling Florida their home. Gator hunting in Florida is a unique and challenging adventure for many hunters. Let’s explore the options available for hunting gators in the wilds of Florida.

Alligator Hunting in Florida

Alligator hunting is an exciting and adventurous activity that offers a variety of options for hunters. From daytime to nighttime hunting, hunters can choose from various weapons including crossbows, bows, fishing rods, snatch hooks, and harpoons.

Daytime Hunting

Hunting gators during the day can be a thrilling experience. One of the methods used during the day is to try to get in range to use a crossbow, bow or cast a fishing line. Other methods include following bubble trails or baited lines.

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Nighttime Hunting

Nighttime hunting is another unique option for hunting gators in Florida. With the help of powerful spotlights, hunters can scan the waters for the glowing eyes of alligators. Once located, they can cast out a fishing rod with a large hook to snag the gator. The battle can take upwards of 2-3 hours of rod bending, tail lashing, boat biting insanity – basically an adrenaline junkie’s dream!

Hunting with Florida Bowfishing Adventures

For those looking for a more authentic gator hunting experience, Florida Bowfishing Adventures offers gator hunts in the natural waterways of Old Florida for true wild American alligators, not fenced lakes stocked with farm-raised gators. They offer both daytime and nighttime hunts, as well as a variety of hunting methods.

What You’ll Need and More

Before going on a gator hunt in Florida, you must obtain an alligator trapping agency license. If you’re awarded a gator harvest permit for the current season, the alligator trapping agent license is included with your permit. If you do not have an FL gator harvest permit, additional harvest permits may be available, but they have limited availability due to Florida’s lottery system for awarding gator harvest permits. You must supply your own CITES tags if you are a permit holder.

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It’s important to know what to bring on your alligator hunt. You’ll need a lightweight black or camouflage long-sleeve shirt and pants, an overnight bag with spare clothing and hygiene products, and any required medical supplies. We provide all harvesting equipment, a boat, tags (if you are not a tag holder), transport of the gator to the processor, and two guides/PHs (professional hunters).

Hunt With Us!

Gator hunting in Florida is a unique and challenging adventure that can be enjoyed by hunters of all skill levels and ages. With the help of professional hunting guides, you can experience the thrill of hunting one of nature’s most dangerous predators in the wilds of Florida. Whether you choose to hunt during the day or at night, make sure you obtain the necessary permits and licenses, and bring the right gear to ensure a safe and memorable experience. If you’re looking to get an edge on the gators and ensure a fun, safe, and productive time well spent, look no further than Florida Bowfishing Adventures; book your trip today!