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A picture of Popular Inshore Species For Bowfishing In Florida

Florida is an excellent state for this exciting and challenging sport. The warm waters and diverse range of species make it a top destination for bow anglers of all skill levels. Let’s talk about some of the popular inshore species for bowfishing in Florida.

Bowfishing In Florida

Bowfishing is a challenging and exciting way to catch fish in Florida, and it’s become increasingly popular among anglers of all experience levels. With specialized bows and arrows, fishers can aim precisely and shoot fish through the water before reeling them with a line attached to the arrow.

Anglers can opt to do bowfishing from a boat or the shore and have access to an incredible range of coastal species that inhabit Florida waters – black drum, sheepshead, flounder, and mullet are only a few of the famous catches up for grabs. Boasting a thrilling style of fishing, bowfishing offers keen fishers an adrenaline-filled challenge that is sure to bring results and plenty of excitement.

A picture of Popular Inshore Species For Bowfishing In Florida

Black Drum

If you’re looking for your next big catch, the black drum is an ideal target for bow anglers in Florida. This robust fish has a distinctive gray or brown coloration and vertical stripes running down its sides, making identification simple. It’s no surprise that this juicy favorite is one of the most sought-after catches in Florida coastal waters – some black drums can reach lengths as hefty as 100 pounds! Not only are they visually striking, but their flavor and texture make them an ideal choice for seafood dishes.


Sheepshead is a well-known coastal species among bow fishermen in Florida. Not only are they visually striking with their unique black-and-white striping, earning them the name “convict fish,” but they also provide an exciting fishing experience due to their size capabilities of up to 30 inches.

One thing that makes sheepshead particularly interesting is their teeth, which almost resemble human teeth. They are also efficient opportunistic feeders consuming prey like small fish, crunchy crustaceans, and mollusks. Bowfishing for sheepshead is one experience anglers of all levels won’t want to miss out on if heading for the Florida coastline.

A picture of Popular Inshore Species For Bowfishing In Florida


Bowfishing in Florida provides an excellent opportunity to target flounder, which is delicious and puts up a good fight. These fish have the unique shape of having their eyes on either side of their head and use this to blend in with the sandy or muddy bottoms they are found in. Despite the camouflage, it’s usually a straight shot when you see them because they like to lie flat and make easy targets.

Flounder can grow quite large – up to 30 inches so you’ll have fighting power and that tasty dinner prize to show for your efforts! An exciting and rewarding fish to hunt, these sporting Flatfish can be found in coastal waters around Florida, so there are plenty of opportunities for success.


Fishing for mullet with a bow is a great way to experience Florida’s breathtakingly beautiful coastal waters. Known for their silver scales and distinctive elongated bodies, they can grow up to 30 inches and are usually found in large schools, which makes them ideal targets for bowfishing.

As a bonus, they are a valuable food fish, both commercially and recreationally, making it possible to reap the rewards far beyond a simple thrill. Mullets are easy to identify in the water; spotting them is half the fun when embarking on such an expedition. Overall, it’s no wonder that many professional bow fishers prioritize pursuing them during their Florida trips!

A picture of Popular Inshore Species For Bowfishing In Florida

Let’s Go Hunt Some Fish!

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