January 12, 2022

Crystal River, Florida Bowfishing Report | January 2022

bowfishing for mullet

Happy New Year Everyone and Welcome to 2022!

For the last week, Sheepshead have moved out of the creeks and flats of the Crystal River area and have made their transition to deeper water offshore to begin breeding. In addition, the larger Black Drum have moved offshore as well. Although, I have been able to shoot a few smaller drum on the outer sand bars of Crystal River on our bowhunting trips and charters.

This time of the year gets a little more difficult for bowfishing in the saltwater. I’ve been finding schools of lady fish on the flats, shooting at fish nonstop throughout the night. Along with the ladyfish, we have lots of mullet too – which are a blast on the bow.

This week we got the largest mullet of the year coming in at 5lbs!

We’re still getting occasional gar but they are beginning their move to the deeper rivers and spring heads.

Make sure to watch the wind forecasts for the week, because you don’t want to get caught out in 30+ mph winds! If the winds are blowing hard out of the East, the tides will drop an extra foot or two – so be cautious of the tides so you don’t get stuck on sand and rock bars!

Until next time, Tight Lines!
Captain Justin Dymond

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